"Pues si yo hubiera sabido ver, si hubiera estado en mis manos conocer antes la alegría que tú ibas a significar para mí, siempre, en cada hora de mi pasado hubiera sido feliz, porque sabría que al final de todo estabas tú."

Juan Rulfo. Cartas a Clara.

The first step to start any custom project is always a conversation. We talk about the couple's love and their story, and we find together elements and symbols to guide the concept of the design.

So, for this project, I asked the groom about her future bride and told me about their connection and strength together, like a team, yes, but with a force and energy that ground, heal, and balance them. This made me think of binary stars,  orbiting and eclipsing each other, and also of a love letter I once read that said: "if I had known that I was going to meet you. Always in every hour of my past I would have been happy" (the full quote from Juan Rulfo is at the beginning of this text).

Together we decided that this special twosome should be the theme of their ring, so they always know there is two of them: a pair, los dos [the two], one tú & me... I've always loved the traditional toi & moi ring and this time it made perfect sense.

I don't keep stones in stock for custom projects because this allows us to find the right and perfect stones for you, with your budget and likes, instead of trying to sell you something I have...

After sketching and with the design approved by the client, I make a model so we can see the actual piece in our hands and make adjustments if necessary. And with attention to every detail we're ready to make the ring happen: That imperfect harmony that works a lot like love featuring one 2.8 carat round cut Black Diamond and one 1.06 carat pear shaped Diamond, on one of my favourite bands, a soft wave going up and down, hugging the stones set in 18K gold in two tones: black and white.

Los dos. Diamante negro redondo de 2.8 quilates y Diamante corte pera de 1.06 quilates en Oro de 18K mitad negro, mitad blanco con doble pavé de diamantes y diamantes negros.